Deer Trail Road Race

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Deer Trail Road Race
May 31, 2015
Swift Cycling

Course Information:

Still waiting on BRAC for 2015 dates, but we should be Saturday, May 30 or Sunday, May 31
2014 Race Flyer
Multiple out and backs on quiet County Roads North of Deer Trail. Finish will be on last hill coming back in on Rd. 34. (4 miles West after last turnaround.) The out and backs on County Roads are littered with long rolling climbs... MapMyRide Route Map

Category Start Time Distance
Men 40+ 4/5 8:40 AM 43 Miles
Men 5 8:44 AM 43 Miles
Men 55+/ 8:48 AM 43 Miles
Women 3 8:51 AM 43 Miles
Women 4 8:54 AM 43 Miles
Men 65+/Wom 40+/55+ 8:58 AM 43 Miles
Men Pro-1-2 11:00 AM 87 Miles
Men 3 11:39 AM 71 Miles
Masters Men 1-2-3 12:15 PM 58 Miles
Women 1-2 12:19 PM 58 Miles
Men 4 12:22 PM 58 Miles
Afternoon Groups will have a neutral feedzone or two.

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Registration Information:

Registration is Closed No Race Day Registration
Registered Riders
USAC license required. USAC 1-Day license is $15, only available on site for Cat 5 Men, Cat 4 Women. BRAC annual membership recommended to avoid BRAC 1-Day membership ($5) on race day. (BRAC 1-Day membership exempt with USAC 1-Day). Annual USAC licenses and BRAC memberships available online at Number Pick-Up Closes 20 Minutes before race start.


One Hour East of Denver, 1.5 Hours from Boulder on I-70. Exit Number 328. Parking & Registration at Rodeo Grounds. Race Startline in Deer Trail by Park.

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Race Flyer:

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Swift Cycling